What We Offer


Enjoy some crazy, fun games and activities that will get your team to appreciate the uniqueness of each member, whilst unifying their combined focus to achieve their goals faster.

  • Custom designed, group dynamics session.
  • Activities range from physical challenges to brain teasers.
  • Activities encourage collaboration, cohesiveness and problem- solving skills.
  • Tailor-made programs and activities to suit your groups age, ability and interests.
  • All activities are fun and provide opportunities to develop teamwork and solve problems.

MC & Motivational Talks

Hosting an event and need someone with a vibrant personality, extended life experience and a knack for uplifting everyone's mood in the room?

Then Crazy Dave is your guy! Let him share some of his amazing stories and get everyone to take part in the fun and motivation.

  • Master of ceremonies.
  • Group motivational talks.
  • Motivational talks for schools and tertiary educational institutions.

Breakaways and Retreats

Need some time away from the hustle and bustle and escape the rat race?
Urgently wanting to reconnect to yourself and find inner peace and acceptance?

We have JUST the thing...

  • Half-day workshops.
  • Full-day workshops.
  • Weekend Breakaways.
  • Four and Five day Retreats.